6 Tips To Save You Money Before You Go Into A Pro Studio

So as you may or may not know, if your ass is bout to go into a pro studio, you know that you’ll be paying by the hour.

Most studios charge anywhere from $25 to $100/hr so you can see how this can start adding up real quick, so if you’re on a budget and you’re not trying to blow all yo $$$ in the studio, then pay attention!

Here are some quick money saving tips before you step foot in a studio.


Why Is This So Important? Because if your concepts aren’t airtight, people will find the holes and they won’t believe you. Nowadays, everybody’s skeptic of everybody and everything they see, so do yourself a favor and don’t fall into this trap, just keep it REALLL.

Make sure you know who you are, what your about. Also, that every lyric and flow that comes out yo mouth, is in line with this concept. Make the whole song consistent with the concept of you that you created.

So here’s a quick checklist for you. Make sure your concept is in line with these:

_Your Hooks/Choruses
_Your Verses
_Your Album
_Your Skits

Why This Will Cost You A Bunch Of Money If You Don’t Do It…

If you go and record all these songs and then later decide that’s not the type of image you want to portray then you just wasted money for no good reason. So do this first, before you pick the songs you want on your album or better yet before you ever create a single song, it will save you a lot of headache.


Make sure your songs are tested to be hotter than kim kardashians booty. This means that people that aren’t your momma or ya homeboy think your music is HOT. There are 2 ways you can make sure yo sh*t is fire!

You can use a site called soundout.com to get people’s opinions on your music. Upload a song, and wait to hear what unbiased music fans think of your song – if your song is over 60%, you prolly got a hit on deck!

Look for a friend or someone you know at school that HASN’T heard your music and play them a song. But the key here is don’t tell them it’s you, just tell em it’s a new song you found and then get their reaction. The reason this works so good is most people don’t wanna hurt your feelings but if you say its not you, then let the HATING begin lol…or if your song actually is good then you’ll find out the TRUTH.

Why This Will Cost You A Bunch Of Money If You Don’t Do It…

If you don’t make sure your songs are hot beforehand, first of all, ain’t no one gon buy your shit. Second of all, ain’t no one gon come to your shows. Pretty simple right. Lol.


This is a big one, I learned this the hard way, when I was helping out one of my artists record one of his songs at a studio downtown in Miami. I was there for hours recording ONE hook until it was perfect. All because my dumbass forgot to memorize the song before I showed up to the studio. So make sure you go through every single song your gonna record and memorize the shit out of that song, to the point where you can perform that song in your sleep and you can’t get the songs out your head!!!

Why This Will Cost You A Bunch Of Money If You Don’t Do It…

If you don’t do this, then guess what, hours will go by and your wallet will get thinner and thinner because you paying by the HOUR. The idea with the studio is to just get in and out, spend as little money as possible on activites that won’t bring in a bunch of money. You want to keep as much of your money as possible for your marketing and promotion, because in case ya didn’t know that’s where the money’s made sir!


I think you get the idea. Now I hope you put this info to use right away for your next album, mixtape or song and what I need you to do next is just comment in the box below and type in 2 things.

1. Type out what you learned in this post and exactly how you plan on using it.
2. Tell me what you want me to cover in the next post.


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  1. I learned that you gotta come correct or leave crooked if your not prepared to get the job done, On your next post you should post about writers block or other ways to create and write your own song

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