Master Vs Slave

Everyday, you wake up and decide what your life is going to be, you decide if your going to have a depressing mediocre life or if your going to have a wildly successful life with NO LIMITS.

Every action you take, every thought you think, stems from this, one decision,
Am I Master Or A Slave? Am I trying to stay a master or a slave?

Now you might think that time of slavery and masters ended a long time ago, of course now a days, it appears, that we’re all free to do what we want, right? We’re free right??????????
Ya see, now-a-days there is now a stealthier more ninja form of slavery that is way harsher and more difficult, because you don’t know that your a slave.

There’s an old saying that goes something like:
The perfect slave is the one that says “I am not a slave”.

Mental Slavery is being a slave to your mind, but the messed up part is that…

It’s Not Really “YOUR” Mind.

Your mind is like a big soup with the ingredients being the limiting thoughts and beliefs of your parents, neighbors, friends, school, tv, laws, rules, etc.

In essence, it is THEIR mind, not YOURS you haven’t put one original thought in there.

It is not YOUR mind until you start deciding what you allow to enter your mind. Up until that point, your mind is just a sponge of whatever you happened to be raised with.

So, you might consciously say “WELL I AM A MASTER, I’M FREE TO DO WHAT I WANT!”, but the reality is that the next day your most likely going to live like a slave, for example:

  • • You go work your 9 to 5, you cash your paycheck,
  • • You buy jordans,
  • • You go upgrade to the latest super phone,
  • • You go fuck around and watch tv or youtube

Now please tell me how this differs, from a slave on a plantation?

  • • You go work on the fields, for the master, get your money
  • • You buy what the master sells you
  • • You don’t read or write, because the master’s not ok with that.

You See The Problem Here?

Someone in their right mind would not limit their lives to being what I listed above.
This is the result of being told what to do and how you need to act, and being a good slave.

How you become a MASTER of your MIND

  • 1. Realize where you are
  • 2. Decide what you want, who you want to be
  • 3. Fill your mind with only the ideas, thoughts that YOU choose
  • 4. Take at least 1 action every day that will get you there

For example if you want to be a millionaire,
Fill your mind with books by millionaires, watch millionaire’s success stories, learn every skill they have, etc.

So which one are you? Leave a comment below
Type out a comment saying which one you think you are, and why you think you are.

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3 thoughts on “Master Vs Slave

  1. Master here, I read up on things, I’m generally happy and Im actIng on makIng my dreams come true. This was very enlightening.

  2. Nice article! I’d say i’m rather master considering the things listed. Thou i think every person has a bit of both in them.

    1. Appreciate the feedback!

      I do think most people have a bit of both of them

      But in my opinion there’s usually like 80% of your actions that are driven by either the master mind or the slave mind.

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