Punch Writer’s Block In The Face

If you don’t own writer’s block, it will own you and control how often you put out music.

It can stop you from ever putting out your own music, it could cost you thousands of fans and in some people it can cause them to never write a song ever again…and basically punch you in the face.

The key to solving writer’s block is just writing.

Whether your in the mood or not. Because most of the time once you start writing you’ll get in the mood.

I’m gonna share with you one POWERFUL tip that you should not take lightly, followed by some other useful tips to overcoming writer’s block.

Super Writing

Block out a set time for you to write everyday. Set a start time and an end time. During this time you HAVE to turn off the internet, phone, lock the door and get rid of any other distractions, because this will be the only time of the day that you’ll write rhymes. I suggest a block of 1 hour to 3 hours.


This will teach your subconscious mind to cough up everything it knows about making songs and force inspiration to come automatically. Your mind will just get in the habit and know it’s time to write, forget everything else.

Once you know that your about to run out of time to write, it does something to your brain. Because we always want what we can’t have, you’ll start to get more ideas when time runs out but the key is to stop right when your time runs out.

This will create the desire for you to actually want to write again the next day, If you have any ideas after that time, write the ideas in your song idea notepad, which leads me to my next tip.


Have a notepad or an app on your phone where you can write every song idea you get throughout the day. This way you can have a huge list of song ideas you could be writing about before you even sit down to write.


Record any lines you start rapping throughout the day, any choruses, hooks, bridges, on your phone and bust it out right before you start writing.


Write a list of all the most interesting events in your life since you were born that have happened and write a song about each one of those. Have this list close to you when your getting ready to write.


Listen to great music before you start writing and just vibe out and look for ideas from the lyrics that you hear.
Watch a movie before you start writing and look for ideas in the movies.

The idea here is to always keep your creative cup filled with creative juice, you want it to be overflowing with ideas and rhyme schemes and flows. Using the ideas i layed out in this post you should never have writer’s block ever again a day in your life. But you can’t just read it and let it tickle your brain you gotta do somethin with it so…

What You Need To Do Next

Your first action step to get rid of writer’s block is to write in the comment box below, what you’ve been putting off because of writer’s block and what your going to take from this post to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again.


    1. What have you been putting off because of writer’s block
    2. How are you going to use what you read in this post

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