Target Audience: Who The Hell Cares About Your Music

Do you ever wish it was easier to get your music out to the world?

Does it seem like sometimes it’s just a waste of time promoting, because theres so much music out there for people?

WARNING:The Following Strategy Is Only Effective If You Want To Make Money Off Your Music

But If ALL you care about is having tons of plays and views and no sales, then press the back button.

Well theres many solutions to these problems I just listed, but here’s something that you can start doing right now…(something FREE)

…STOP being a shotgun and be a laser instead. You need to laser target, who is going to be your

Target Audience

. You can move on to other target audiences in the FUTURE once you have a system in place to get the most sales possible from the first audience.

But first BEFORE any of that you have to find the most laser targeted market that you can, for a few reasons.


– When your promoting your music, you can craft your message to feel like your talking directly to that person. By message of course I mean any and everything you communicate with your fans with, such as:

– Music, Emails, Tweets, Ads, FB Posts, Instagram Pix, Videos, etc

It’s effin hard to make your message effective and persuasive when your talking to a massive group of all types of random people.


When your fans feel like your talking to them, they will resonate more with what your saying and buy more shit.

Your more likely to buy from someone you know like or trust. So in other words stop spamming and get mo friendly with ya fans and watch that paper stack!


When your buying promotion, your buying very targeted traffic and your not wasting your money on advertising to people who aren’t listening.

The more people you try to reach at a time, the more you pay, but the funny part is the less people you try to reach at a time, the more of them will buy from you.


Here’s an example so you FULLY get what im saying about laser target markets

Let’s say we have a rapper that just put out an album, and he’s got a budget behind it and everything

and to promote his album he decides to go to “radio” to promote his album.

He has to spend a large amount of money to make any type of radio play happen. Because most of the time you have to compete with other labels that are paying top dollar to get their music played on the stations.

If he had just decided the market first, and geared his album for that market, say he wanted to go after young women that were hipsters.

He could’ve saved money on promo and got more qualified fans by:

– Promoting in female hipster stores,
– Putting banner ads on hipster websites,
– Partnering up with hipster email lists,
– Pay for only clicks to your ads on facebook from female hipsters
– Pay for YouTube video ads on female hipster videos

So continuing with this example, you can spend nearly the same amount of money on radio advertising and get way more channels, with a group of people more likely to respond.

Since the audience is smaller than everyone your automatically going to pay less per person.

But just because you have less people doesn’t mean your less successful. It can actually cause you to have greater success quicker.

WHAT!?! Blasphemy!

“But…but… I need a gazillion views on youtube before I can make money”

Success with your music = money made off SALES of your music, not views dammit!!

By limiting the amount of people your forced to focus on making each person’s experience with you the absolute best in order to get maximum amount of dollars.

Maximum Amount Of Dollars = ?

Maximum amount of dollars means not just selling your little $10 album and never talking to them again.

It means building a lifelong relationship where you sell them memberships for $97 or more, package deals with merch, tickets, dvds for $200, etc

When your “promo” speaks directly to the person, more of those people will respond than if you shotgun it to everyone.

When your “free song offer” speaks directly to the person, more people will respond than if you shotgun it to everyone.

When your “buy my song offer” speaks directly to the person, more people will respond than if you shot gun it…etc

A good way to get started finding your target audience is using the Google Adwords keyword tool, so you can see what people are searching for and how many people a month search for a certain keyword.

Here you can get an idea for starting your marketing campaign, without doing much guess work. Here’s some examples of keywords as it relates to target audiences:

Not so profitable keyword: rap music
Better keyword: underground hip hop
Make money with this keyword: christian rap music

You can use the Google Adwords Keyword here:
Click Here For Google Adwords Keyword Tool

What you need to do next if you haven’t already is plan out who your target audience is going to be for this next project your working on. Start by using this Google Adwords Keyword Tool and i’ll keep posting on this subject in the future…

Until then , so I know your alive! Let me know what you learned, if you agreee, disagree, hollaaaa!

Over the last 12 years BoiGenius has invested his life, time and thousands of dollars into creating and building successful campaigns with dope music. BoiGenius is a highly sought after soulful hip hop composer with clients worldwide. He is also known as an author for his digital "CLAAMP" series and insightful ebook "Music Money Machine". Learn more about BoiGenius here

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