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Still don’t got a $1,000 per track budget? No worries, you don’t have to, let me help you with your come up!

I’m offering Genius Licenses so you can license a composition instead of trying to own it. This is for artists who want to put out dope music without giving up every other paycheck just to be able to put out their music. It’s like having exclusive ownership, but the only catch is I still hold on to rights. So it’s a win win for both of us. Starting at $97 here’s what you get:

  • High quality 16 Bit version wav of the track to record with. (Contains no vocal tags)
  • High quality version 320Kbps mp3 so you can write with. (Contains no vocal tags)
  • Rights to release over 100,000 copies of your song.
  • Rights to perform anywhere with this genius license.
  • You keep all your royalties from your sales, so you keep 100% of your $$.

If being the only one that can use the composition is important to you, I suggest you send an email to [email protected] and we can work on creating something custom that only you can use. There is a catch though, this will require a much higher budget from you in order to create.

But if your ready to put out some DOPE soulful hip hop music right now, and don’t have such a large budget, then take advantage of this store and order your Genius License today. As you already saw in the player, all you do is choose the banger(s) that’s right for you, add to cart on the ones you like, and then click checkout.

Once you go to the checkout page, you will see a page where you can enter your credit card number and billing information which is placed on our secure SSL server. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB cards. After entering your billing info, you will create the username and password for your account, then once that’s finished then you can click the place order button. checkout

soulful hip hop members area for

As soon as the payment is successful you will be taken to a thank you page where you can login to your members page. I suggest saving your username and password in an easy access place with all your passwords, to avoid headaches.

When inside your member’s account, the first thing you’ll see is your downloads section. From here it’s as easy as this:

  • Download your file(s) on to your computer
  • Unzip the file(s) on to your computer
  • You can begin writing to the MP3 version, email it to yourself, add it to your phone or mp3 player
  • Import the WAV Version into your recording program and start recording the FIRE.

If you purchased a standard genius license, you should get an MP3 file, a WAV file, a PDF with your genius license agreement, and some shortcuts to find this site.

If you purchased a premium genius license, you should get an additional zip file with the tracked out files and premium genius license, all files from a standard genius license are also included.

The best part of this purchase, is when it comes to release your music, you will be able to release your music without any speed bumps or headaches. You will be able to sell over 100,000 copies of the song you make with each Genius License you purchase, and you don’t have to pay any royalties to me.

For more detailed legal explanations of your genius license, refer to the PDF that is included with your zip file download. checkout

genius license

Now that your song is ready to release, it’s up to you on how you choose to promote your music, that’s a whole other topic, but this genius license will help you save an enormous amount of time and save you tons of money.

It will save you time from having to learn how to compose and produce soulful hip hop music, it will help you save thousands of dollars on keyboards, sounds, DAW’s, computers, hard drives, books, DVD’s and everthing else required to compose music.

Also it will save your budget for your album or mixtape, by allowing you to use your budget in a smart way and allowing 10 times the amount of tracks for what you would normally spend on an exclusive license for a composition.

These genius licenses were put together because as someone who is also an artist I know how important it is to not only be able to express yourself, but to share your creations with the world. Alot of times business can get in the way and create blocks to releasing your music, so I made genius licenses to make that process of getting your music out as pain free as possible.

Anyways I look forward to hearing some fire from you soon, click the green button below to get started recording to some dope soulful hip hop bangers today!